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If you are teaching the japanese tea ceremony in Japan, America, or any other country, you can submit your contact information and let new students know how to find you. Your contact information will be placed on this page.

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Teachers and Classes Information

Teacher Name: Gabriel Sooga Caciula
Type of School: Urasenke
E-mail address:
Phone: +32(0)26408779
Country: Belgium
State/ Province/ Prefecture: Brussels
Town/ City: Brussels

Short description: Information about lessons can be found at:

I teach Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning in Brussels, Belgium.

Tea people who visit Brussels are welcome to share a cup of tea

Optional information: I have studied Chado in Japan and New York for over 20 years. I obtained the tea name of Sooga and the Jokyoku Certificate while studying under the guidance of Duane Feasel sensei in New York

Teacher Name: Staf Daems Sô Hô
Type of School: Urasenke
E-mail address:
Country: Belgium
Province: Antwerp
Town/ City: Berlaar

Short description: We have 2 shashitsu in our garden, one yojôhan called "Un sui an" and one nijôdaime called "Shi dô an".

We have weekly classes on Monday morning and Friday evening.

Teacher Name: Michel Sōgi Decré
Type of School: Urasenke
E-mail address:
Country: Netherlands
Province: Noord-Brabant
Town/ City: Eindhoven
Short description: I teach Urasenke-style tea ceremony in my Japanese, 4.5 tatami-size tea-room, back in my garden. I teach konarai and higher level on Tuesday evenings, and introductory lessons on Sundays.

Optional information: Please also visit the Urasenke chado tankokai Belgium webpage on

Teacher Name: Sakura
Type of School: Urasenke
Phone & E-mail: Phone and E-mail Phone or E-mail address: 0058 212 414 237 8381 - 0058 212 125 9840
Phone or E-mail:
Country: Venezuela
State/ Province/ Prefecture: Distrito Capital
Town/ City: Caracas
Short description: I studied Urasenke Style many years ago. I offer class of Chanoyu. Basic, Intermediate and Advance Levels, only 3 to 5 pm to groups in company, or Private Lessons to individuals in my studio, in this case, schedule to concert.

Optional information: I am teacher of Kabuki Dance and I practice Kendo, too.

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